Martin Luther “urged the Church to use it [music] wisely as a vehicle for proclaiming the Gospel.”   He is quoted as saying, ”Next to theology, . . . I accord to music the highest place and the greatest honor.”  (p. viii, Lutheran Service Book, 2006)

And so we continue to follow a liturgical service along with sung responses and hymns selected specifically to align with the Scriptures, the message of the day, and the life of the Church.  

The interest in organized children and youth choirs has varied over the years depending on the number of children and youth and their age.  However, our Christmas Eve Service has traditionally included a musical drama involving all of our Sunday School children and youth as well as, in later years, our Pre-school.  This past Christmas, the Adult Choir participated as well, maintaining a family focus as we “brought people together” to celebrate our Savior’s birth.

Over the years, especially, during the Advent and Christmas season, our children and youth have shared their creative talents through instruments, song, and drama.  In 2011, the Youth Sunday School class wrote and produced “Ebenezer Scrooge Learns the Truth,” and in 2012, our very own Brandon Hicks wrote “Mystery of Christmas,” both musical dramas using familiar characters to tell the story of Jesus’ birth through Scripture and song.