Officers & Staff

2018 Officers, Staff and Committees

                               CHURCH COUNCIL

President                         Dave Tumlin                                                         

Vice President                Jim Tysse                                                            

Secretary                         Dorothea Byers                                            

Treasurer                         Carol Murphy                                                      

Financial Secretary        John Hicks                                                           

Board of Elders             Grant Bissey,  Dennis Davis,  Darren Genz, John Hooker, Kelly Stephens,                                                                                                          John Vanek

Board of Trustees        Chuck Baldwin, Dean Hakim, Jim Hastings, Frank Howland and                                                                                                                         Alston Hicks


                                           OTHER POSITIONS AND CONTACTS

Pastoral Staff                     Rev. Dr. John Reynolds  Pastor                                

Office Secretary                 Cindy Genz               Bulletin & Newsletter

Adult and Youth Choirs     Mary Baldwin          Minister of Music & Organist

Audio/Visual Technicians  Brandon Hicks, Jim Tysse

Ladies Guild                         Cindy Genz                 President

                                               Linda Guetschoff             Vice President

                                                  Nicole Richey             Secretary                               

                                                  Teri Graham         Treasurer

Event Committee               Valerie Reynolds         Chairperson

Thrivent Representative      Bob Hicks